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SlitherQuest Q&A


Q. Can I add my own pictures to the SlitherPix playground?

A. Yes! Simply place your .jpg files in the following folder:
C:\Program Files\KPixGames\SlitherQuest\Packs\Playgrounds

They will be selected randomly, along with the (.pjt) picture files that are already there, to fill the picture windows in SlitherPix puzzles.

SlitherPix screenshot

Q. How many different quests does SlitherQuest include?

A. Every Quest is unique, and there is no limit to how many quests you can undertake. When you choose a Quest to play, you are creating your own special adventure in the SlitherQuest caves. It is different from all other Quests played by all other SlitherQuest players.

To get started, go to the Choose Quest dialog.
· First select the story. You should play the six chapters of the Quest in order, so if you have never played before, select the Intro chapter: Eyes.
· Next, select a difficulty level. If you have never played before, select Beginner level, which consists of Quick and Easy puzzles. You can increase the difficulty level when you play subsequent chapters if you so desire.
· Finally, select a length. If this is your first Quest, select Short length. Your Quest will include all the important story elements but you will not have to search as far as you would in a Long or Extreme Quest.
· Now click OK, using the OK button just to the right of the length selection box. Your Quest will be created while you wait - it may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to do so.

If you have already created a Quest or Quests, you can select the one you want to play under the heading 'Choose A Quest'. You can create as many Quests as you like, providing that each active Quest has different parameters. Once you have completed a Quest chapter you can re-create it with the same or different parameters. The story will be similar, but the journey will be completely new.

If you want you can create a MiniQuest instead. Each MiniQuest has one simple goal that you should be able to reach in an evening or two. There are 15 different MiniQuest goals and an unlimited number of ways of reaching them. You can also create a MiniQuest with a Long or Extreme length if you want the fun to last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I play SlitherQuest on my new Windows 10 computer?

A. Yes, SlitherQuest runs fine on Windows 10 and all previous versions of Windows.

Q. I've solved a lot of SlitherQuest puzzles and quests, and I want to make sure that I don't lose my record of solving them if my hard drive crashes or my computer dies. What do I need to save when I do backups?

A. Save the entire Players folder. Your save files, player configuration files and game configuration files are all right there. You'll find it at C:\ Program Files \ KPixGames \SlitherQuest\ Players.

Q. I'm confused by all the different auto options available for playing this game. Which ones should I use?

A. It depends upon the difficulty level of the puzzles that you are playing. When you first start out, you will be playing Quick puzzles. You will probably learn to play SQ faster if you leave all the extra options off for a while, at least until you are sure that you understand the logic behind the game. As you get better, you may want to turn on Auto1. Auto1 fills in dead ends with path blocks, so you can concentrate on placing the path itself. You may also find it useful to turn on 'Click clue number to complete'. If you see a clue number square which already has either the correct number of paths or the correct number of path blocks around it, you can click on the clue number and the rest of the paths/blocks will be filled in for you. This saves quite a few clicks and is especially nice when playing on a laptop. You may also find it handy to turn on 'Click pathway to fill' which will continue any pathline that you start as long as it has only one way to go.

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