Logic will triumph: play SlitherQuest!
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screenshot from a SlitherQuest miniquest

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SlitherQuest includes:
  • SlitherQuest complete, including:
    Intro: Eyes
    Part 1: Flies
    Part 2: Wise
    Part 3: Prize
    Part 4: Cries
    Finale: Disguise.
  • Additional miniquests with many different goals and storylines
  • Replay quests as many times as you like. Pick your preferred length and difficulty level. Each quest is different every time you play it.
  • Three playgrounds for playing individual puzzles: SlitherLoop, SlitherPath, and SlitherPix always contain new puzzles for you to play. You pick the size and difficulty level.
  • SQ Giant puzzlepack contains 30x40 puzzles for those times when you want a real challenge.
  • Platform:
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10