A prism breaks light into rainbow madness.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I play PrismaPix on my new Windows 10 computer?

A. Yes, the current version of PrismaPix runs fine on Windows 10 and on all previous versions of Windows.

Q. I really like playing the Easy PrismaPix puzzles, but I'd like to know how to play the Medium and Hard levels too. What should I do?

A. First, read the section in the Help file, "Making Logical Deductions". Use the Hint button a lot to get the general idea. For a more detailed explanation, see 2-Clue Logic. Written by Rammy Meyerowitz, it explains why you can make various deductions, and gives both specific cases and general theories. It's a must-read for the serious solver. Rammy has also written an article about 3-Clue Logic. You'll find that it's fun to be able to take a few shortcuts by recognizing certain special clue combinations. Check it out!

PrismaPix puzzle screenshot

Screenshot from a PrismaPix puzzle in progress

More Q and A

Q. I like playing music while I solve but I've played PrismaPix for countless hours and I know every note of the included selections. Is there any way that I can change the music?

A. It's easy to customize your PrismaPix background music. On the Links page you will find a number of sites that have huge quantities of MIDI files in a variety of musical styles that you can download for free. You should be able to find there the music that is perfect for your tastes. Just place the downloaded MIDI selections in the PrismaPix MIDI folder located at C:\ Program Files \ KPixGames \ PrismaPix \ MIDI. PrismaPix will randomly play whatever MIDI files you put there. Not feeling in the mood for the current selection? Just click Music Off and then click Music On to change it.

Q. I've solved a lot of PrismaPix puzzles and I want to make sure that I don't lose my record of solving them. What do I need to save when I do backups?

A. Save the entire Players folder. Your save files, player configuration files and game configuration files are all right there. You'll find it at C:\ Program Files \ KPixGames \ PrismaPix \ Players.

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