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PBase Photo Database - a photo sharing and photo hosting website with over 16 million photos online.
Charity: sun rising, tide going out

NOAA Photo Library - over 20,000 historical images from the archives of the National Ocean Service, the National Weather Service , the National Marine Fisheries Service, the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, and the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service.
Atlantic sunset

Web Museum - "Famous Artworks Exhibition". Many famous paintings from many different eras.
Monet: Waterlilies

Wikimedia Commons - almost 2 million freely usable media files. You name it - it's there. An unbelievably rich resource.
Aurora borealis:

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Timeline of Art History. The pictures are a bit on the small side but the material is superb.
Pablo Picasso: Head (1960)

Artcyclopedia - Great scans of great art. High quality art images from around the web, updated daily.
Sandro Botticelli: Birth of Venus

CGFA - Beautiful fine art images from a very large number of artists, all eras.
Chinese lions

WunderPhoto Galleries - Weather-related photos. Over half a million photos, new ones all the time.
North pole sky

Digital Art - Great variety of digital art from different genres. High quality images.
Patsouras: The Dragon Whisperer

Web Gallery of Art - a virtual museum of European painting and sculpture from 12th to mid-19th centuries
Delacroix: Sea from the Heights of Dieppe

Hubblesite Gallery - snapshots of the universe.
Helix nebula

Infinite Fractal Loop - links to many wonderful fractal sites.
Cootey: Double Spiral

Photos by Norman Koren - find some great landscapes here.
Monument Valley Totem Poles

Earth from Above - incredible aerial photos by Yann Arthus Bertrand.
Bora Bora, Polynesia

The Cheerful Eye - the vision of photographer Curtis Steele.
San Francisco walkway

How To Do It

Almost any image -photo, fine art reproduction, digital art, cartoon, or drawing - can be used to make a MixAPix puzzle. If you don't already own MixAPix, download the MixAPix FREE Trial. Then go to the My MixAPix menu and click on Create Album to make your own personal logical jigsaw Albums from any jpg images already on your computer.

Want more puzzles? Use the links at left to help you in your quest for more images. When you find a picture that you like, download the largest size available. (Usually, clicking on the thumbnail will make the picture get bigger.) You will need a picture that is almost screen size (it's OK if it's bigger than that) to make a really beautiful puzzle.

Please respect the web site/artist copyright. It's generally OK to copy pictures for your own personal use, on your own computer, but commercial use is a no-no unless specifically stated otherwise.


MixAPix Music!

MixAPix uses MIDI music files for its background music. If you want to add to the music selections included with the game or change to a different style of music entirely, the following links are for you.

Here you will find a number of sites that have huge quantities of MIDI files, in a variety of musical styles, and you can download as many as you like for free. You should be able to find music that is perfect for your tastes.

Just copy the downloaded MIDI selections into the MixAPix MIDI folder located at C:\ Program Files \ KPixGames \ MixAPix \ MIDI. MixAPix will randomly play whatever MIDI files you put there.


MIDI Music Links


Classical Piano Midi Page by Bernd Krueger - excellent MIDIs of a wide variety of classical piano music for you to download.

Laura's MIDI Heaven - You will find many different types of MIDIs to download on this site, including classical, holiday songs, world music, kids' songs, ragtime and more.

Kunst Der Fuge Composers' Index - Over 8,000 classical MIDIs by a very wide range of composers for you to download.

Other Links

Everett Kaser Software - lots of great logic and puzzle games for Windows PC's, including classics like Sherlock and Hero's Hearts.

Kadon Gamepuzzles - original puzzles in lasercut acrylic and handcrafted wood; fascinating puzzles with many variations; each is a work of art as well.

Mathematical Quotations - a fascinating collection of quotations about mathematics and by mathematicians from Furman University.

The Quote Garden - find an appropriate quote for almost any occasion.

Messybeast Cat Resource Archive - everything you ever wanted to know about cats plus a bit more. Includes many gems.