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MixAPix Screenshots

MixAPix puzzle screenshot

MixAPix puzzle screenshot

MixAPix puzzle screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I read that I can make my own special MixAPix puzzles from photos I like. Where can I go to find more photos, and how do I make them into puzzles?

A. Check out the MixAPix Links page.

There you will find links to a wide variety of websites with interesting photos that you can download and use to make more MixAPix puzzles, plus simple "how-to-do-it" instructions.

Q. Can I play MixAPix on my new Windows 10 computer?

A. Yes, MixAPix runs fine on Windows 10, as well as older versions of Windows like WinXP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Q. I've solved a lot of MixAPix puzzles and I want to make sure that I don't lose my record of solving them if my hard drive crashes or my computer dies. What do I need to save when I do backups?

A. Save the entire Players folder. Your save files, player configuration files and game configuration files are all right there. You'll find it at C:\ Program Files \ KPixGames \ MixAPix \ Players.

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